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FREE and thorough inspections

Our company provides comprehensive free estimates. Unlike other companies, we don't simply glance at what you need repairs for and give you a quote. Instead, we completely disassemble and inspect the unit. This close up look gives us a chance to diagnose the cause of failure, leak, or any other problem. Next, you are then notified of the cost of work before anything else is done. This service is free and if you don't like the cost we will send the unit back at no extra charge.

Fast diagnostics

We provide comprehensive diagnostic service in order to get your vehicle running again quickly after a breakdown. Our team will find the problem, offer you advice, and if you want, make the necessary repairs to get you back on the road. We use a diagnostic matrix test which tells you all of the possible causes when the engine starts to fail or shows signs of mechanical problems. We have often found that a defective turbocharger is often the primary cause of problems. However, sometimes we do find that problems are caused by other primary engine defect which cannot be cured just by replacing the turbocharger.

Complete repair

When you come to us, you'll get a thorough failure analysis. This primarily involves the inspection and evaluation of all the damaged parts. We specifically look for scoring on bearing surfaces, damage to blade tips, and seal locations because those are clear indications of problem areas. Our experts also look for burning and coking of the bearing surfaces. The final thing we do is troubleshoot the problem. We find the cause of the failure, and then we provide the repairs and any relevant information on how to prevent it from a happening again. Our company strives to give you a mechanic's eye view of the problem. We offer one day turnaround on most jobs as well as great prices and a huge inventory.


Remanufactured and Aftermarket Turbos

In case if we can't salvage your Turbo, we can still help you with out remanufactured and aftermarket Turbo options. We carry a collection of remanufactured and aftermarket turbos. Our remanufacturing process involves following steps:

  • Ultrasonic cleaning
  • Media blasting
  • Rebuild or replace components
  • Rebalance wheels
  • Check Tolerances
  • VNT calibration for VGT Turbos
  • Flow bench testing 

Our remanufactured turbos are made of cost effective quality parts and tested for perfection by 25+ years experienced in house professionals to get you back on the road.

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